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Home Solar Product

Home Solar Product

 Solar Home Power System Kits have helped thousands of people take advantage of free, clean energy from the sun. A solar system will let you enjoy lights at the flick of a switch, the convenience of running water and the pleasure of music at your residence.
Solar Home Power System Kits are designed to make installation simple and fast. Whether you install it yourself, or have one of our Authorized Dealers to do it for you, our Solar Home Kits have everything you will need. Since these solar kits are modular, your system is never obsolete. It is easy to expand your system by adding components.

Choosing a Solar Home Power System Kit

The first step to selecting a Solar Home Power System Kit is to assess your power needs. The Appliance Power Rating Guide will help you establish you daily power consumptions.
Based on an average of five hours of sunlight per day, spring to fall, our Solar Home kits will provide the power you need to operate your systems. The actual power output will vary due to weather conditions and your location.

Power for your Cabin or Remote Home

Green Energy Solutions understands the need for complete independence and freedom while "getting away from it all" after life in the city. A cabin or home is a place to unwind where the worries of your other life are a world away. If your home is remote from grid power, a renewable energy system will add to this freedom, allowing you the comforts of home without the noise and hassle of a generator. Before purchasing a solar power system for your home, it is important to evaluate your electrical loads and assess how much power you will need. Use these charts showing common loads run at a home and how much energy it takes to power them, to determine what your load will be. If you are unsure of how to evaluate your electrical needs, be sure to contact us or a dealer in your area.